An electric scooter sounds like a very green vehicle.

That is partially true: electric scooters are highly energy efficient and don't use fossil fuels. But there are a lot of things that still concern us. Here is what fluidfreeride is doing to be more sustainable.


1 Million Trees Planted and Counting!

Before an electric scooter gets delivered to your door, it has travelled thousands of miles by ship and truck. Our warehouses and service centers require energy to run.

We have partnered with Trees For the Future to offset our operation's carbon footprint by planting trees for every scooter sold. Their innovative approach ensures not only plenty of new trees, but also engages with local communities to enable sustainable agriculture and reduce poverty.

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Shipping Materials

Sustainable Shipping Supplies

Initially we focused on cost and ease of use when purchasing shipping materials for our operations. After realizing that we could make a real impact to the environment, we decided to make a change to enable >90% sustainable shipping materials:

Bubble wrap was replaced with a paper based alternative, plastic bubble mailers were replaced by padded paper mailers, styrofoam packing peanuts were replaced with a biodegradable starch-based alternative, even cello tape was replaced with recyclable water activated tape.

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Conscious Consumption

We strive to reduce waste in everything we do in our daily operations. This starts with really small steps like eliminating single use kitchen supplies from our break rooms.

We upgraded our previously fluorescent tube based lighting system with highly energy efficient LED lamps. We installed smart thermometers to limit AC energy consumption during hot Florida summers.

And most importantly, we encourage everyone to scoot to work instead of using a car :)

Li-ion Batteries

We Give a Second Life to Batteries

Batteries are at the heart of electric vehicles. Their capacity is consumed over time. When they need to be replaced, our customers are asked to recycle them via local programs.

But what about the batteries that break before the cells run out of juice? Usually that is due to a failure of the BMS - the electronic components inside the battery pack.

We started a program with our own team: 'Broken' battery packs are opened up, the cells are removed and tested. All working cells are up-cycled in large capacity powerbanks. So you can charge your phone multiple times with what used to be a scooter battery...


Recycle With a Local Partner

Most materials are delivered in cardboard boxes. Scooters, parts, supplies, you name it. Recycling these boxes is easier said than done. There is no state or municipality organized collection for businesses.

We have found a local partner who comes twice a week to pick up all our cardboard to sell them as valuable material to recycling centers.


Sustainable Packaging at the Source

We work with suppliers to eliminate single use materials in packaging. That is easier said than done. Styrofoam remains an incredibly efficient material for shipping.

NAMI joined our effort and eliminated Styrofoam completely in the packaging of the NAMI Burn E.

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